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Kickstart Your Journey: Ready to dive in? Just fill out our quick application form, ensuring you include your state tax number. Don't forget to attach your retail business license, Tax License, and a photo ID. All set for pre-payment setups as we streamline your purchase experience. Credit cards and drop-shipping aren't on the table for now, but we promise smooth sailing ahead!

How to Place Your Order

Let's Get Shopping: Reach out to our friendly Mazal sales team and unlock the door to exclusive deals and promotions. With our monthly sales flyer, you're looking at over 100 pages of unbeatable offers and the latest products perfect for your store. Plus, our online catalog is just a click away for both our local and global family.

Simplify Your Payments

Effortless Transactions: Got questions? Your Mazal sales rep is here to help. Remember to check your region's minimum order amount, make your advance payment, and voila! We're all set to ship your order swiftly and securely.

Customer Applications

For new, or existing customers, the forms are accessible below. Applications will be reviewed within 48-hours and will be followed by a phone call and email to finalize the verification.


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To begin, please complete the new customer application form provided below. It’s essential to include your state tax number and federal tax number in the application. However, the primary requirement is your resale certificate. Once you fill out the form on this page, we will reach out to you to finalize the setup of your account.

Placing an order is simple and direct. Just reach out to your dedicated Mazal Sales representative. Here’s how it works:

  1. Catalog and Offers: Your representative will provide you with our latest catalogs and special offers.
  2. Submit Your Order: Respond with your completed order form, including order details, company information, and your selections, directly on the provided catalog.
  3. Order Processing: Our representative will process your sales order internally.
  4. Payment and Shipping: Once your payment is received, we’ll ship your order.

To place an order with us, a minimum invoice amount of $3000.00 is required for all customers, without exception. This applies to all orders, whether for pickup or delivery.

We facilitate logistics and can ship products, whether pallets or small cartons, both nationally and internationally. Our shipping fees are based on the rates charged by UPS, trucking companies, or other logistics providers, plus a 15% service markup. Customers have the option to provide their own shipping labels or Bills of Lading (BOLs) for pallets after receiving a packing list. This allows for the arrangement of pickup directly from our warehouse by the chosen shipping company.

We ship through commercial truck carriers. All the products are shrink-wrapped, then trucked out to its destination. Through UPS, air or ground service. This service is recommended if the order is small in terms of the weight. The cost of shipping and handling will be added to the invoice. The minimum UPS purchase is $300.00. We also offer local delivery service with our own trucks and vans.

We offer several convenient payment options for our customers, including:

  • Wire transfers
  • Credit card payments (for approved customers)
  • ACH payments

All purchases require prepayment. Customers must settle their payments upon receiving a sales order. Once payment is confirmed, arrangements for pickup can be made with our appointed logistics manager.

To ensure you select products that will sell well and maximize your profits, we encourage you to consult with our knowledgeable sales representatives. With over 9 years of experience in the industry, our team has the expertise to assist you in making the best choices for your business.

Once your account is approved, a sales representative will be assigned to you. They will provide you with access to our online catalog and extend an invitation to join our WhatsApp community, where daily specials are shared.

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